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If You Are a Business Owner,
This (Mobile Apps) Message Is VERY IMPORTANT To You.

Gone are the days when retailers (brick-&-mortar business owners) focused the big part of their marketing effort (and money) attracting consumers into their stores, where 95% of all purchases took place.

Today, we just CANNOT continue to talk about B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer), we need to change our mindset to accept the fact that we are entering a O2O era.

O2O = Online-to-Offline, or Offline-to-Online

Online Businesses have realised they need to go Offline as well (look at how many of the online shops now set up the brick-&-mortar shops in shopping malls).

At the same time, most Offline Businesses (brick-&-mortar) need to set up eCommerce to grow business. Or at least, they need a website to showcase their products and services, and to attract more walking customers.

We Have Entered the “App & Mortar Economy”.

One way to achieve that is through the use of Mobile Apps (Mobile Applications).

With the invention of Mobile Apps, the opportunity for retail business owners to extend their relationship with consumers outside the store has never been greater (and easier). In this App & Mortar economy, mobile gadgets serve as virtual, portable show rooms that consumers can use to shop anytime, anywhere.

Singapore has the highest rate of mobile phone penetration in the world. Mobile devices are always with you, always on and always connected.

Mobile Apps can:

. bring in (first time) walk-in customers,
. intercept consumers anywhere is a store,
. scan purchased items and have them shipped to consumers’ home,
. store purchased items’ info,
. scan credit cards…

Everything done from the mobile phone in your pocket right now.

To continue profit in today very competitive business environment, retailers need to re-examine the consumer relationship through the use of Mobile Apps in Singapore.

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